All Sparkjoy Projects

Sort through our web design portfolio to see a complete list of projects we’ve developed here at Sparkjoy. All projects were created using WordPress. Use the buttons to sort the projects by capability.

Granville Carpet Cleaning

Granville Carpets came to us to update their website. We collaborated with Granville Carpets to create a simple, responsive, and functioning website. Granville Carpets Cleaning Services is a part of the Mavyan Carpet and Tolliday Carpet group

Bespoken Word

We designed and built a responsive theme with an emphasis on simplicity for Bespoken Word. This website features a filtering system for cases, custom post types, and a lively intro header.

Pacific AIDS Network

With Pacific AIDS Network (PAN), we redesigned and built their website. Their website features a large slideshow, scrolling tabs, and custom post filters. The custom post filtering functionality allows users to dynamically sort through PAN’s resources, news, programs and projects for easy access.

screen shot of the home page for Corey Hamm, pianist

Corey Hamm, Pianist

We designed and built a website for Cory, a world-class Pianist with many credentials and projects on the go. Much of the design involved arranging his many repetoir pieces and albums in a way that made sense.

screenshot of 4 front mortgages website

4 Front Mortgages

A fresh start with a fresh new website. We designed and built a custom theme with the ability for staff to easily update all their content as needed.

Vancouver School of Theology

Vancouver School of Theology needed their existing theme to be rebuilt to be more reliable. We streamlined their experience in the dashboard and provide managed hosting to ensure the site is always online when their users need them.

Hort Education

We migrated the Hort Education site from their old, difficult to use CMS to an integrated WordPress network. This allow them to feature content published on any of the other sites on that WordPress network, keeping the home page content fresh. We also did a redesign update on this site, keeping elements of the original design intact and updating it to be fully responsive and display across all devices. The design features slideshows, calendars, and dynamic content. Additional features include: event, job, and applicant registrations, as well as numerous custom post types. 

Pemberton Veterinary Hospital

Pemberton Veterinary Hospital

Pemberton Vet takes advantage of WordPress’ flexible CMS through multiple custom post types which allow for a solid structure to showcase the extensive content on this site. We worked with Pemberton Vet to create SEO and human friendly content  and the inclusion of Gravity Forms and embedded Google Maps means their customers always know how to find them.

Artinas Jewellery

With Artinas Jewellery, we designed and built their site to deal with a large inventory of products and the challenges that grow from managing such a database. When they decided to migrate to an e-commerce option Artinas Jewellery came to us for a redesign and development. We took advantage of their large inventory and were able to import their existing data into WooCommerce while adding features like online and in store Gift Cards along the way. With site wide HTTPS their customer’s data is secure, and Payfirma integration handles payment processing.

Fort McMurray Heritage Society

Fort McMurry Heritage Society came to us for a fresh, modern update to their old site. The new site features an upcoming event calendar, custom post types for their heritage programs for children, and two interactive maps; one for the historical village and one of the historical railway shipyard.


We collaborated with Mobify to redesign their site using the WordPress CMS. The site features a flexible design, making use of several flexible layout modules, giving Mobify the ability to change the display of the pages as they add content. This site was built using a mobile-first design approach, and is heavily optimized for page load efficiency.

Whiteline Contracting

Whiteline Contracting needed a redesign of their site to make it more contemporary, and showcase their wide range of services. We built a new, fully responsive site with custom post types that enable Whiteline to add pages about each of their services, and categorize these service pages appropriately. The site also features a video background on the home page, and custom-made icons in the main site navigation.

Sandy Cove Creative

We worked with Sandy Cove Creative to bring their old site into a fully responsive, beautiful new website. Their graphic design portfolio is showcased using custom post types and taxonomies.


MediaValet’s site was built using the WordPress CMS. It features a custom-designed filter for sorting and displaying the categories of custom post types, and two custom built slideshows with optimized image loading for faster page loads.  As well, all images on the site are optimized for retina display.


The Watertrax site is a fully custom-built, responsive design, on the WordPress CMS.  This site features multiple custom post types for their products, white papers, and published articles.  Additionally, we integrated Gravity Forms with pre-existing Pardot marketing structures.

Plant Something BC

We built a site with integrated, automated, and fully customized Google maps, allowing people to search for garden centres, landscapers, and nurseries and growers across the province.  Site visitors can search by city name or postal code to find the service nearest to them.  The data is managed across the BCLNA network of sites; all the content is housed in one central location and pulled to where it is needed, making content management easier.

BC Women In Sport

A website dedicated to celebrating BC women in sport.  This site was originally designed to be a physical installation at the BC Sports Hall of Fame with an emphasis on user interaction.

Blackbird Interactive

Blackbird Interactive came to us to do a template update and redesign on their existing WordPress site. Preserving their existing data we built a new theme, with a single scrolling landing page, integration of art and animation assets, and custom post types, all hosted on our actively managed hosting that makes manually updating your site a thing of the past. We also integrated their site with vBulletin forum software to create an easily managed and stylistically consistent forum for their fans, and with the potential to connect their WordPress blogging and vBulletin forum comments.

Form Collective

We developed a theme that draws heavily on the built in Customizer WordPress functionality to create a flexible experience that can be easily tweaked by the client. An emphasis on a clean, uncluttered experience, and on the presentation of images makes this theme responsive and beautiful on all devices.

Heart and Stroke Kids

HeartSmart Kids™ – Heart & Stroke Foundation

The HeartSmart Kids™ site is an interactive learning tool from the Heart & Stroke Foundation designed to help educators become certified through the HeartSmart Kids™ program. Fully editable content managed through WordPress makes maintaining and updating the site easy, and custom user roles make the teacher’s experience through the site immersive and intuitive. WordPress’ user management makes it easy for teachers to return to the site and reorder year after year, and custom order forms allow HeartSmart Kids™ to track and manage orders of print materials through the site.

Can West Hort Show

CanWest Hort Show

We built the CanWest theme with built in design functionality so the theme can be easily changed in the back end to match that year’s Expo colors. We also added Custom Post Types with Custom Fields so the Expo’s educational sessions can be listed by date. An integrated Twitter timeline keeps the users up to date on CanWest activity.

Bring the Music

We designed and built this lightweight responsive template with an emphasis on flexibility. Stripping down event management to it’s core we provided a simple solution that fit the requirements of the site without bogging it down with unnecessary and unwanted plugins and fluff. The theme is responsive both to changing device sizes and flexible content requirements.

Olive B Designs

We designed and built a responsive theme with an emphasis on product management for Olive B Designs. The built in e commerce functionality allows the site to respond fluidly to product availability and the creation of new collections of jewellery. The largely monochrome theme lets the images take center stage, and custom post types allow the easy management of promotional materials and press clippings.

Vancouver Academy of Music

The VAM site was designed and built using the WordPress CMS. It features custom fields, multiple custom post types,  secure contact forms, and custom payroll and registration functionality. We provided training and continued support on how to best use the site; as a result, enrollment at VAM has increased 25%.

Italian Cultural Centre

The Italian Cultural Centre (Il Centro) is a community hub for anyone in Vancouver seeking anything from banquet services to Italian classes. The site presents their range of services clearly, using an integrated WordPress multisite. With a unique dashboard for each department within Il Centro, this site’s user interface is optimized for different tasks, from registration and ticketing to news updates. Recent additions to the network include WooCommerce integration and Il Centro can sell tickets to their events without the overhead of a third party reseller with Event Espresso.

Crown Packaging

We worked with Crown Packaging to transform their old WordPress website into a responsive theme with additional components that offer easy to use tools to control their content from the dashboard.


We helped Boxmaster redesign their website using WordPress as a CMS and provided additional functionality for online quotes and custom products. This is a responsive theme we designed that looks the part!

Osher Center

We partnered with a data visualization company, Exaptive, to create the Osher Center at Harvard Medical School website. We used WordPress as a CMS for staff to blog and administrate all their content, as well as a custom plugin for the dynamic XAP interactive content.

Chilliwack Skin Care

Dr. Angeline Sia-Venegupal wanted a website to showcase her medical practice and laser rejuvenation clinic. We built a WordPress website, provided on-site photographs, wrote content, conducted keyword research, competitive analysis, and search engine optimization (SEO). We also host the site and provide e-mail with full maintenance and support services.

Dental Arts Centre

Dr. Sunil Venegupal wanted to increase his dental practice. We built a site including custom photography, graphic design, interviews transcribed into content, and search engine optimization (SEO). We also host his site and e-mail, and provide maintenance and ongoing consultation to review analytics data related to his business.

Bag O’ Swag

An e-commerce site with a responsive mobile-ready theme. The clients needed a storefront for their goody bags that was easy to navigate, visually appealing and free from distractions.  With the WordPress CMS, they can update their site to reflect the changing seasons and their customer’s needs.

BC Landscaping and Nursery Association

The BCLNA is a resource and community for landscapers all over BC whose training and qualifications grant them membership. A multisite with online tools to support members with public utilities like event registration and membership forms. We provide hosting and technical support, so this site can continue to grow to meet the member’s needs.

The BCLNA site takes advantage of an integrated network to push information to its affiliate sites as well as event registration and numerous custom post types. Multiple unique contact forms make contacting specific staff members intuitive for the site users. The new updated design is responsive and separates the site into sections that each work to satisfy the unique needs of the different BCLNA related industry members. Event sponsorship and site wide ads are simple and intuitive with a combination of contact forms and custom post type. The vast member database is automatically synchronized with their Salesforce database to keep their records and data accurate.

Landscape British Columbia

The Landscape BC site takes advantage of an Integrated Network by displaying content from the member directory at their parent BCLNA site. A responsive theme that displays smoothly across all displays, the new Landscape BC theme also takes advantage of a custom Planting Calendar which populates with seasonal planting information entered into Custom Fields.

Kirkland Heating

Kirkland Heating was designed and built so in-house staff can easily maintain and create content. It features custom fields, as well as custom post types to manage a database of products. We created an SEO strategy and continue to see large increases in traffic year over year in the 200-300% range.

Dr. Elsie De Vita

For Dr. Elsie DeVita we designed and built a lightweight, simple and responsive site.

4 Sails Realty

For this site we created both the design and functionality. It is all built on the WordPress CMS, with an emphasis on managing the large database of real estate listings with custom fields, images, and Google map integration.

Lincoln Clarkes

Lincoln Clarkes’ site was designed and built entirely on the WordPress CMS. With an emphasis on a minimalist look that wouldn’t take attention away from his photographs we made a site that provides ease of use both for the user and the client.

Good Space

The Good Space website was designed with clean, simple template using our custom WordPress CMS. This site features multiple landing pages for effective Search Engine Optimization. It also features a custom contact form and Google Maps integration.