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WordCamp Vancouver 2016

Everyone here at Sparkjoy is excited about the upcoming WordCamp Vancouver! Whether you are a total beginner or an expert WordPress developer, these informal gatherings have something for everyone. WordCamp is a great place to share ideas and get to know other members of the WordPress community. We are proud to have been a sponsor of this event for… Read more »

Create SEO-friendly blog posts

There is a wonderful correlation between writing good content which captivates your readers, and having good SEO. In this post, we want to give you some tips on how to create SEO-friendly blog posts by focusing on having captivating content. Think before you write Take a moment and think about the message you want to convey…. Read more »

Screenshots – a “How To”

Sometimes users run into issues with their website or email – error messages full of cryptic chatter and numbers that don’t make any sense, or fields and check boxes that only a wizard could get to the bottom of. In these cases, we like to see exactly what our clients are seeing, and the easiest… Read more »

Canada’s new anti-spam law: are you ready?

As of July 1, 2014, Canada’s new anti-spam legislation will come into effect. The new law is designed to help combat the overwhelming amount of spam messages that most of us receive in our in-boxes, or on social media, everyday. Here is an overview of what the new law is, how it affects your business, and… Read more »

Online security in the age of spammers and hackers

Not that Sparkjoy clients need to worry about website security – we’ve got you covered there – but what about the other sites you visit; especially the ones that require passwords? If you use the Internet everyday, chances are you have places you go to habitually: email, Facebook, Twitter, news sites, RSS feed readers, online… Read more »

Facebook: 10 ways to engage people beyond the “Like” button

Facebook is a powerful way to reach out to your existing customers, and create new ones. When you start out, it’s exciting to see people “liking” your content and leaving comments, and it’s easy to look at the numbers on a Facebook post and think, “I got so many “likes”, I must be doing great!”… Read more »

So, you’d like to have your own website…

You have this thing that you’re really passionate about. Maybe you’re a realtor or a doctor; or you’re making some really cool art; or running a B&B; or writing short stories, or making movies; or even just blogging because you have things you want to say to the world. What better way to put yourself… Read more »

Managed web hosting: worth its weight in gold

You’ve seen them, those splashy ads blinking away at you on your monitor with things like: “Sign up for web hosting with us! Do it now and you pay only $10 a month – and you get the first six months free!” in bold neon colours. Doesn’t that sound like the most fantastic deal? Super… Read more »

Site Statistics – what your visitors are up to

We all like to look at our site statistics: Who’s visiting our site? How often? Where are they from? What sort of search terms are they using to find us? How many people visited us last Wednesday? Sparkjoy has just made it even easier for you to look at all of that information in one… Read more »