Spark Assembly Instructions

You’re probably here because you’ve picked up one of our excellent laser cut robots and want some more detailed assembly instructions. If not, you should come find us and pick one of these up, then come back here to learn how to assemble it.

Start with the legs & torso.

Align them like so, with the legs on top and the cuts offset.

Keeping the legs & torso aligned, grab Spark’s head and fold back the tabs at the bottom of the neck. They should fold on the orange markings.

Thread the neck through the legs and torso, starting at the front. Once it’s threaded through, unfold the tabs at the bottom of the neck. This will secure Spark’s body, legs, & head all together.

It will be challenging to play the keytar without any arms so let’s add those.

Insert the arms through the shoulder slots, threading from front to back so the shoulders overlap the torso.

The last step is absolutely the most crucial. Place the keytar in one of Spark’s grabbers to unlock his true potential.

Now that you’ve got Spark assembled you should give us a call and get us started on your website. We make operating your site as easy as assembling this paper robot. Give us a call, or drop us a line with the form below.