Everyone has questions before getting their first site built – so we’ve compiled a few to answer some commonly held concerns.

How do I make the most of my online presence and how much will it cost?

It starts with a phone call or an email.

We’ll be looking for a sense of:

  • Who are you and what do you do.
  • What, if any, online presence do you have already?
  • Your goals.
  • The challenges and constraints you are facing.

We’ll discuss how we could help you achieve your goals. If you think it sounds like a good fit, the next step is to meet in person to review potential strategies in detail. The next question is always:

How much?

First, we ask clients to come up with a budget range that they’re comfortable with. It doesn’t mean we’re going to spend it — it just allows us to provide you with an appropriate range of potential options so you can make the best decision for you and/or your company.

Our website prices tend to range from $5,000 – $50,000, while web applications can range into the 6 figures. We’re also experimenting with ideas for making some of our custom builds standard formats for clients who just want something simple to get them started.

We always provide a free consultation.

No matter how big or small your project and no matter how committed you are to a project. We can at least provide you with some early-stage advice. That way, we can give you a sense of direction without any pressure or financial obligation.

If you know you want to make the most of your online presence but don’t know how or what’s possible, come in and sit down with us over a cup of tea. Whether you end up using our services or not, our door is always open.

What distinguishes us from other website design companies?

Our business is first and foremost about building personal relationships.

We bring expert technical skills and services, but they’re second only to our passion for rewarding and supportive collaborations with our clients. For our team, what we do becomes art when our deep understanding of our clients and coding meet. SparkJoy evaluates its success by its clients’ short and long-term triumphs.

We are explorers and innovators. We don’t say “we can’t do that.”

We’re always eager to move a project forward even when — perhaps especially when – it means blazing new trails to meet our client’s needs.

Many companies create a technical format first and simply force a fit between their clients’ needs and that existing structure. We do precisely the opposite. Our approach is to listen to your needs and start a conversation about how we can create a customized solution that is both a delight for you to use while meeting your criteria for success. Whether you want to increase your sales by 200%, add another day to your practice, or simply have the peace of mind of knowing you’re on the right track – we can help.

What are your relationships with clients like?

SparkJoy inspires and empowers. We do not create dependence.

The greatest teachers aren’t the ones who bring in the most students — they’re the ones who turn out the most teachers. Some web developers would prefer to keep clients dependent on their expertise. Instead, we provide our clients with a set of tools and teach them to control the technology to suit their needs. We still maintain an ongoing relationship with almost all of our clients after the initial project is complete. We also check in with them on a regular basis to get feedback on their satisfaction, help optimize their online reach and search engine visibility, and provide any other support they need.

Is it going to be difficult or time-consuming to change content on my site?

We make websites that are also tools you can use for your own purposes. We make it easy.

The days of having to feel subservient to the whim of some secretive weblord who holds the high-priced key to all of the programming for your site are gone. The old way was to make a static website where any change, no matter how small, had to be made by the developer.

We don’t do that here. SparkJoy puts the power and control right where it belongs: in your hands.

We use the WordPress platform so that you can login and manage your content yourself. We build a streamlined back-end without any unnecessary noise. In a streamlined way, you’ll be able to add a new page, or change or update the content, or blog and communicate via social media. Nearly everything you might need to do is as easy as writing an email – and we’ll take the time to train you to use your site like a pro.

What is WordPress?

WordPress began as a blogging tool. Its creators made it so user-friendly that other programmers adapted it to new applications. The creators responded by making their code ‘open source,’ meaning other developers could use it as a foundation upon which to build websites and tools, which they often recirculated back into public use.

Today, there is a planet-wide ecosystem of WordPress developers who are all sharing and contributing to the evolution of WordPress’s range of applications. We’re one of those developers.

SparkJoy’s team is extraordinarily adaptable, keeps things fresh, and loves nothing better than to take the WordPress scaffolding and reassemble it in a way that best suits your purposes.

If at any time you want to remodel your site, we can do that too. WordPress’s versatility and popularity means you’re never locked into an arrangement that no longer suits you. You can have your site altered and maintained by anyone who understands the WordPress platform…including you, if you wish.

For us, it’s all about infinite adaptability, ease of use, and autonomy – even if you find that elsewhere.

Fortunately, clients tend to stick with us because of the service we offer, and the investment we make in our relationships.

Why should I pay for a WordPress site?

The functionality of free WordPress.com websites is limited mostly to blogging. If you want to do anything more advanced, those limitations quickly become closed doors. Many other developers also offer premium templates with customization, but those also face many restrictions.

We offer access to the true power of WordPress. In the hands of a skilled coder, WordPress’s versatility is second to none. You can build a site that does exactly what you want, in the way you want. And in today’s digital climate, a site that really serves your needs and the needs of your audience is paramount for success.

SparkJoy can help you broaden your reach, increase your audience, and increase your revenues by sculpting a site and web tools perfectly suited for you. When you see how instrumental we are in getting your message out, you’ll smile whenever you hear someone ask this question, because you’ll know for yourself how colossal the difference really is…and you’ll have the success to prove it!