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Selling online has become a very popular business option for many people.  It serves as your advertisement, your office, your store front, and/or your ticket outlet – and it’s open for business virtually anywhere on the planet, 24 hours a day, every day.

We can set you up with a hassle-free system for taking payment online for physical goods, virtual downloads, online class registration, setting up pay-in-advance appointments… the options for e-commerce are virtually limitless.

If you want to be able to set up online transactions, but don’t quite know how, come and talk to us and we’ll make it happen.

Contemporary Art Gallery

We worked closely with Contemporary Art Gallery to carry out their website redesign. Using a concept supplied by CAG we migrated their existing content into a new WordPress install, and updated their WooCommerce templates. We then built a lightweight and efficient custom theme and the site now loads significantly faster, giving their users a more responsive experience on both mobile and desktop devices. We also applied User Experience techniques to streamline event and exhibit management which makes it easier for Gallery staff to manage and visitors can see what’s on at the gallery at a glance.

Italian Cultural Centre

The Italian Cultural Centre (Il Centro) is a community hub for people in Vancouver seeking banquet venues, cultural events, workshops, and Italian classes. The site presents their range of services and we’re using a WordPress multisite system to support multiple website from one dashboard. Sites on the network also take advantage of WooCommerce integration and Il Centro can sell tickets to their events without the overhead of a third party reseller.


Apothekari is an e-commerce site that requested for us to rebuild and update upon their current design. It features the e-commerce platform, woocommerce, user-submitted testimonials, multiple slideshows, gravity forms integration, and a reward points system. The rewards system features the ability to allow users to obtain points when sharing on social media platforms and referring a friend after their first purchase.

Hort Education

We migrated the Hort Education site from their old, difficult to use CMS to an integrated WordPress network. This allow them to feature content published on any of the other sites on that WordPress network, keeping the home page content fresh. We also did a redesign update on this site, keeping elements of the original design intact and updating it to be fully responsive and display across all devices. The design features slideshows, calendars, and dynamic content. Additional features include: event, job, and applicant registrations, as well as numerous custom post types. 

Artinas Jewellery

With Artinas Jewellery, we designed and built their site to deal with a large inventory of products and the challenges that grow from managing such a database. When they decided to migrate to an e-commerce option Artinas Jewellery came to us for a redesign and development. We took advantage of their large inventory and were able to import their existing data into WooCommerce while adding features like online and in store Gift Cards along the way. With site wide HTTPS their customer’s data is secure, and Payfirma integration handles payment processing.

Olive B Designs

We designed and built a responsive theme with an emphasis on product management for Olive B Designs. The built in e commerce functionality allows the site to respond fluidly to product availability and the creation of new collections of jewellery. The largely monochrome theme lets the images take center stage, and custom post types allow the easy management of promotional materials and press clippings.

Bag O’ Swag

An e-commerce site with a responsive mobile-ready theme. The clients needed a storefront for their goody bags that was easy to navigate, visually appealing, and free from distractions.  With the WordPress CMS, they can update their site to reflect the changing seasons and their customer’s needs.