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Sometimes your needs aren’t focused on single events, or content management, but on people management though social media.

Many of our websites integrate with the popular social media websites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) and re-broadcast your web content to these platforms. It’s an easy way to leverage the content you already have and share it with audiences far and wide.

We also build custom networks using the BuddyPress extension for WordPress. This framework supports the creation of your own private forums and social networks: users on your website can microblog on their activity stream, build connections, make groups, and even create their own full-featured collaboration spaces.

If you want your content or site to be more social, we can make that happen.


Apothekari is an e-commerce site that requested for us to rebuilt and update upon their current design. It features the e-commerce platform, woocommerce, user-submitted testimonials, multiple slideshows, gravity forms integration, and a reward points system. The rewards system features the ability to allow users to obtain points when sharing on social media platforms and referring a friend after their first purchase.

Jordan Tinney

Surrey Schools Superintendent/CEO, Jordan Tinney’s website features a fully responsive design, interactive category sorting, mobile-friendly slideshow, twitter feed, custom post type and full calendar to mark published posts dates.

Good Space Plan

We built an online interior design service that allows people to get professional help to design and execute their DIY interior renovations. We worked with Good Space and custom built a collaborative space for client and designer to interact and automated much of the pre-sale work. This complex network of collaborative projects is built upon WordPress and integrated with BuddyPress as a collaborative tool.