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WordPress is our content management system of choice. We use the WordPress platform because it is Open Source, well built, and has an extensive community of fellow developers and users.

We setup our websites so that you can login and manage your content yourself. You can add a new page, or change the wording on a page, or blog and communicate via social media. It’s point and click, much like writing an email. It’s that easy!

GSI India Subsidies

GSI India Subsidies 2020

We built a tool that conveys complex data sets in a compact, interactive and easy-to-use website. This website visualizes government subsidies to various energy sectors in India over the past five years, including side-by-side comparisons of those.


We collaborated with an international team of experts in Geneva to create a website to showcase their work on Sustainable Asset Valuation. The website includes maps with dynamic pins for their projects around the world, extensive content management designed to communicate complex procedures and modelling software, as well as interactive financial models embedded into the site.

Tracking Progress

We worked with a team of experts at the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) to build Tracking Progress: An interactive data visualization of community indicators on the scale of towns and cities. Our work was to build a web based system that merges a Geographic Information System (GIS), with StatsCAN census or equivalent data import tools, and a website platform to display this information within an indicator framework based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Winnipeg is the lead city and more than a dozen other cities around the world have been added to the Tracking Progress platform.

Community Action Initiative

Community Action Initiative came to us to create an integrated WordPress Network of sites. We created a fresh new design for the main site, worked with them to develop a streamlined data architecture, and created a fast, responsive template that is custom built to fit their needs. Their other network sites support a custom built forum. All of the sites on their network give the administrators the ability to manage Events, Training, Resources, and other Custom Post Types. A custom built page builder gives them the ability to create new pages with bright and engaging layouts without any performance penalty.

Open Answers

Open Answers came to us to create an integrated WordPress Network of sites. Websites in the network include: Community Action Initiative and Healthy Drinking BC. The network of websites run off a custom theme we developed for them that showcases custom built forum functionality. All of the sites on their network give the administrators the ability to manage Events, Training, Resources, and other Custom Post Types. A custom built page builder gives them the ability to create new pages with bright and engaging layouts without suffering the performance hit that out of the box page builders create.

Healthy Drinking BC

Healthy Drinking BC came to us to create a website as part of an integrated WordPress Network of sites. The websites is based on a custom theme we developed with custom built forum functionality. All of the sites on their network give the administrators the ability to manage Events, Training, Resources, and other Custom Post Types. A bespoke page builder tool we built gives them the ability to create new pages with bright and engaging layouts without suffering the performance penalty that come with generic page builder plug-ins.

Contemporary Art Gallery

We worked closely with Contemporary Art Gallery to carry out their website redesign. Using a concept supplied by CAG we migrated their existing content into a new WordPress install, and updated their WooCommerce templates. We then built a lightweight and efficient custom theme and the site now loads significantly faster, giving their users a more responsive experience on both mobile and desktop devices. We also applied User Experience techniques to streamline event and exhibit management which makes it easier for Gallery staff to manage and visitors can see what’s on at the gallery at a glance.

BC Landscaping and Nursery Association

The BCLNA site takes advantage of an integrated network to push information to its affiliate sites as well as event registration and numerous custom post types. Multiple unique contact forms make contacting specific staff members intuitive for the site users. The new updated design is responsive and separates the site into sections that each work to satisfy the unique needs of the different BCLNA related industry members. Event sponsorship and site wide ads are simple and intuitive with a combination of contact forms and custom post type. The vast member database is automatically synchronized with their Salesforce database to keep their records and data accurate.

Custom online data management solutions to manage member information help to streamline the yearly creation of their printed Buyers Guide, with member accessible front end management tools as well as many custom dashboard administration tools for BCLNA Staff.

We provide hosting and technical support, so this network of sites can continue to grow to meet the member’s needs.

British Columbia Association of Healthcare Auxiliaries

We worked closely with British Columbia Association of Healthcare Auxiliaries (BCAHA) to update their home page on their existing WordPress theme, and migrate their site to our managed hosting. New additions to the home page include a user-friendly capability to feature news and events, automate recent news carousel, and interactive event calendar. The changes to the theme also feature a flexible slideshow and unique BCAHA functionality available to site administrators through custom shortcodes.

Our managed hosting means BCAHA gains all the benefits of our suite of security and performance tools, ensuring the site’s security and speed are always first in line.

Vancouver School of Theology

Vancouver School of Theology approached us to completely rethink and rebuild the way their school website works. There have a significant amount of content that needed to be included on the website, so we collaboratively settled on a very minimalist aesthetic with a focus on Information Design and the User Experience. Sparkjoy also streamlined the administrator’s content management experience in the dashboard, and provided a suite of tools to enable the creation of new pages and layouts for information as they grow. Our ongoing relationship includes managed hosting and services to ensure the site is always online and working as expected.

Osher Center

We partnered with a data visualization company, Exaptive, to create the Osher Center at Harvard Medical School website. We used WordPress as a CMS for staff to post news and event listings. Our custom backend tools allow them to administer their content and associate multiple events and news entries. We also built a custom plugin for the dynamic XAP interactive content that maps professionals within their Integrative Medicine network.

A specialized method of managing featured News & Events gives administrators the ability to identify content that needs to be prioritized on the home page, and custom date based event queries automates the display of upcoming events.

HeartSmart Kids™

We worked with the Heart & Stroke Foundation to design and build HeartSmart Kids™. This interactive learning tool is designed to help school teachers and public health educators become certified in the HeartSmart Kids™ program. The online course is fully editable through the WordPress dashboard so administrators can easily update the content as needed. We built in custom user management login accounts to make it easy for teachers to reorder year after year. Our custom order form reports allow HeartSmart Kids™ administrators to track, segment, and manage all the orders and activity. Over time we’ve expanded on our custom learning tool and, as the program has gone from provincial to national, we have been able to grow the site capacity. Additional custom user roles mean that provincial administrators can now handle orders specifically for their own region and they can manage any of the information relevant to their province. We’ve also built a custom Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to help administrators stay connected with the educators and help understand their audience. In the front end we have developed custom data visualizations that automatically update in real time as users sign up and place orders, demonstrating the ongoing success of the program.

Italian Cultural Centre

The Italian Cultural Centre (Il Centro) is a community hub for people in Vancouver seeking banquet venues, cultural events, workshops, and Italian classes. The site presents their range of services and we’re using a WordPress multisite system to support multiple website from one dashboard. Sites on the network also take advantage of WooCommerce integration and Il Centro can sell tickets to their events without the overhead of a third party reseller.

Vancouver Academy of Music

The VAM site was designed and built using the WordPress CMS to display the wide variety of music education available at the school. The fully responsive custom theme features custom fields, multiple custom post types,  secure contact forms, and is fully integrated with our custom payroll and registration tools. Our suite of custom plugins for VAM include Custom Faculty Payroll, Student Registration, Year End Controller Reports, and Registrar Management.

Creators Vancouver

Creators Vancouver came to us in need of a trustworthy and reliable hosting management. We currently have an ongoing relationship with Creators Vancouver, this ensures that Creators Vancouver can come to us with changes needed for their website. We routinely maintain and update their website for security and regularly track hosting up-time to safely ensure that the website will always be lightening fast.

BB&CO Strategic Storytelling

BB&CO Strategic Storytelling came to us for our reliable hosting. BB&CO Storytelling’s hosting includes up-to-date security and regular on-going maintenance of their website. We routinely track the uptime of the website, so BB&CO Storytelling can rest assured that their website will always be readily available for their users.

Pemberton Animal Wellbeing Society

We worked with Pemberton Animal Wellbeing Society (PAWS) to designed and create a responsive website. PAWS’s website features facebook integration, donations through paypal, pet proccessing functionality, and multiple gravity forms. The facebook integration entails posting pet updates, news, and events onto their PAW’s facebook page.

Bespoken Word

We designed and built a responsive theme, with an emphasis on simplicity, for Bespoken Word. This website features a filtering system for cases, custom post types, and a lively intro header.

Pacific AIDS Network

With Pacific AIDS Network (PAN), we redesigned and built their website. Their website features a large slideshow, scrolling tabs, and custom post filters. The custom post filtering functionality allows users to dynamically sort through PAN’s resources, news, programs and projects for easy access.


Apothekari is an e-commerce site that requested for us to rebuild and update upon their current design. It features the e-commerce platform, woocommerce, user-submitted testimonials, multiple slideshows, gravity forms integration, and a reward points system. The rewards system features the ability to allow users to obtain points when sharing on social media platforms and referring a friend after their first purchase.

Granville Carpet Cleaning

Granville Carpets came to us to update their website. We collaborated with Granville Carpets to create a simple, responsive, and functioning website. Granville Carpets Cleaning Services is a part of the Mavyan Carpet and Tolliday Carpet group

Hort Education

We migrated the Hort Education site from their old, difficult to use CMS to an integrated WordPress network. This allow them to feature content published on any of the other sites on that WordPress network, keeping the home page content fresh. We also did a redesign update on this site, keeping elements of the original design intact and updating it to be fully responsive and display across all devices. The design features slideshows, calendars, and dynamic content. Additional features include: event, job, and applicant registrations, as well as numerous custom post types. 

Jordan Tinney

Surrey Schools Superintendent/CEO, Jordan Tinney’s website features a fully responsive design, interactive category sorting, mobile-friendly slideshow, twitter feed, custom post type and full calendar to mark published posts dates.

screen shot of the home page for Corey Hamm, pianist

Corey Hamm, Pianist

We designed and built a website for Cory, a world-class Pianist with many credentials and projects on the go. Much of the design involved arranging his many repetoir pieces and albums in a way that made sense.

Pemberton Veterinary Hospital

Pemberton Veterinary Hospital

Pemberton Vet takes advantage of WordPress’ flexible CMS through multiple custom post types which allow for a solid structure to showcase the extensive content on this site. We worked with Pemberton Vet to create SEO and human friendly content  and the inclusion of Gravity Forms and embedded Google Maps means their customers always know how to find them.

Artinas Jewellery

With Artinas Jewellery, we designed and built their site to deal with a large inventory of products and the challenges that grow from managing such a database. When they decided to migrate to an e-commerce option Artinas Jewellery came to us for a redesign and development. We took advantage of their large inventory and were able to import their existing data into WooCommerce while adding features like online and in store Gift Cards along the way. With site wide HTTPS their customer’s data is secure, and Payfirma integration handles payment processing.

Fort McMurray Heritage Society

Fort McMurry Heritage Society came to us for a fresh, modern update to their old site. The new site features an upcoming event calendar, custom post types for their heritage programs for children, and two interactive maps: one for the historical village and one of the historical railway shipyard.

Whiteline Contracting

Whiteline Contracting needed a redesign of their site to make it more contemporary, and showcase their wide range of services. We built a new, fully responsive site with custom post types that enable Whiteline to add pages about each of their services, and categorize these service pages appropriately. The site also features a video background on the home page, and custom-made icons in the main site navigation.

Sandy Cove Creative

We worked with Sandy Cove Creative to bring their old site into a fully responsive, beautiful new website. Their graphic design portfolio is showcased using custom post types and taxonomies.


The Watertrax site is a fully custom-built, responsive, design on the WordPress CMS.  This site features multiple custom post types to make managing their products, white papers, and published articles a breeze.  Additionally, we integrated Gravity Forms with pre-existing Pardot marketing structures for time saving marketing automation.

Plant Something BC

We built a site with integrated, automated, and fully customized data-based Google maps that allow visitors to search for garden centres and landscapers across British Columbia.  Site visitors can search the directory by city name or postal code to find the service nearest to them.

The data is managed across the BCLNA network of sites where the content is housed in one central location and displayed on any of the websites as needed. Social sharing is just a click away without the use of site slowing third party scripts, and our suite of caching tools mean the large and beautiful imagery loads in a snap.

BC Women In Sport

A website dedicated to celebrating BC women in sport.  This site was originally designed to be a physical installation at the BC Sports Hall of Fame with an emphasis on user interaction.

Form Collective

We developed a theme that draws heavily on the built in Customizer WordPress functionality to create a flexible experience that can be easily tweaked by the client. An emphasis on a clean, uncluttered experience and on the presentation of images, makes this theme responsive and beautiful on all devices.

Can West Hort Show

CanWest Hort Show

We built the CanWest theme with built in design functionality so the theme can be easily changed in the back end to match that year’s Expo colors. We also added Custom Post Types with Custom Fields so the Expo’s educational sessions can be listed by date. An integrated Twitter timeline keeps the users up to date on CanWest activity.

Bring the Music

We designed and built this lightweight responsive template with an emphasis on flexibility. Stripping down event management to it’s core, we provided a simple solution that fit the requirements of the site, without bogging it down with unnecessary and unwanted plugins and fluff. The theme is responsive both to changing device sizes and flexible content requirements.

Olive B Designs

We designed and built a responsive theme with an emphasis on product management for Olive B Designs. The built in e commerce functionality allows the site to respond fluidly to product availability and the creation of new collections of jewellery. The largely monochrome theme lets the images take center stage, and custom post types allow the easy management of promotional materials and press clippings.

Crown Packaging

We worked with Crown Packaging to transform their old WordPress website into a responsive theme with additional components that offer easy to use tools to control their content from the dashboard.


We helped Boxmaster redesign their website using WordPress as a CMS and provided additional functionality for online quotes and custom products. This is a responsive theme we designed that looks the part!

Chilliwack Skin Care

Dr. Angeline Sia-Venegupal wanted a website to showcase her medical practice and laser rejuvenation clinic. We built a WordPress website, provided on-site photographs, wrote content, conducted keyword research, competitive analysis, and search engine optimization (SEO). We also host the site and provide e-mail with full maintenance and support services.

Dental Arts Centre

Dr. Sunil Venegupal wanted to increase his dental practice. We built a site including custom photography, graphic design, interviews transcribed into content, and search engine optimization (SEO). We also host his site and e-mail, and provide maintenance and ongoing consultation to review analytics data related to his business.

Bag O’ Swag

An e-commerce site with a responsive mobile-ready theme. The clients needed a storefront for their goody bags that was easy to navigate, visually appealing, and free from distractions.  With the WordPress CMS, they can update their site to reflect the changing seasons and their customer’s needs.

Mavyan Carpets

For Mavyan Carpets we designed a site to showcase the vibrancy of high end carpets in their stores. We provided a method that allows staff to upload images of stock and categorize carpets by location, type, and custom order status. We also created a blog which was integrated with a newsletter and Facebook page and designed the site to automatically update the front page whenever a new post is made.

marathon surfaces

Marathon Surfaces

We built a website for Marathon Surfaces to showcase their poured in place rubber surfaces for playgrounds. We provide an easy method to upload photos of their projects. The website includes: secure custom contact forms, a blog, newsletter functionality, and a custom built recycling counter and colour picker tool to visualize different product mixes. We followed on with an SEO pass to assist with a good page rank and steady traffic.

Landscape British Columbia

The Landscape BC site takes advantage of an Integrated Network by displaying content from the member directory at their parent BCLNA site. A responsive theme that displays smoothly across all displays, the new Landscape BC theme also takes advantage of a custom Planting Calendar, which populates with seasonal planting information entered into Custom Fields.

Kirkland Heating

Kirkland Heating was designed and built so in-house staff can easily maintain and create content. It features custom fields, as well as custom post types to manage a database of products. We created an SEO strategy and continue to see large increases in traffic year over year in the 200-300% range.

Dr. Elsie De Vita

For Dr. Elsie DeVita we designed and built a lightweight, simple and responsive site.

4 Sails Realty

For this site we created both the design and functionality. It is all built on the WordPress CMS, with an emphasis on managing the large database of real estate listings with custom fields, images, and Google maps integration.

Lincoln Clarkes

Lincoln Clarkes’ site was designed and built entirely on the WordPress CMS. With an emphasis on a minimalist look that wouldn’t take attention away from his photographs, we made a site that provides ease of use both for the user and the client.