Custom WordPress Websites


We conceptualize, design, and build websites that are uniquely hand-crafted to the needs of our clients.

Web Applications

Web Apps

We make custom plug-ins and web applications that make your website do more than just look good.
Web Apps

Web Rescue

We can rescue a broken or hacked WordPress website and get it back into reliable working condition.

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Managed Hosting

We provide secure and fully managed WordPress hosting for our clients. Our service includes ongoing updates, maintenance, and support.

Hosting Information

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Technical Support

We can help with an existing website that is broken, stuck on an old version of WordPress, and has issues with updates.

Support Information

We pride ourselves on staying proficient with the latest web technologies and WordPress developments. This means we can remain flexible and creative with how we use these tools, and we can ensure every website we build works smoothly and easily for visitors and administrators.  We also provide ongoing support and maintenance after the site is built so you’ll continue to have high performance and reliability.


Our custom web design process creates sites that are uniquely tailored to the specific needs of our clients. We don’t accept the compromises and limitations that come with generic website solutions such as premium themes — our experience has shown that different industries and applications require different approaches to get the best outcome.

WordPress as a CMS

We use WordPress as our exclusive web framework of choice. This means you, the client, get an easy-to-use dashboard to manage your site. This also means we’re deeply familiar with the structure and can make it do nearly anything we want.

Event Management

We use the Event Espresso module to expand WordPress and give it the power to manage events, sell tickets, and scan attendees at the door. We’ve used it for small events and for gatherings of upwards of a thousand people.


This umbrella of web technologies promotes universal functionality across all devices and a more interactive and responsive web experience. We like the power and potential of this open standard and how well it plays with WordPress.

Web Applications

We make specialized website components and web applications that make your online presence do more than just look good. For example, you may have a unique need for an online quoting tool, or a unique shopping cart approach, or an event ticketing scenario, or a class registration system. We can do that.

Our strength is that we can design and build a single versatile web application that works on all devices — any desktop, tablet, or mobile device — rather than a collection of fragmented web technologies for different devices. This versatility means clients only need to make updates in one place, we gain efficiencies by maintaining a single system, and the user benefits from a more coherent experience.

Some example Web Applications:

Card Sort

We’ve built an interactive take on the card game Solitaire: We’ve taken this familiar user experience and made a system that can be used for many interactive decision making purposes. This interactive card sorting model has an accompanying dashboard to allow administrators to create a personalized knowledge base and determine the responses for various card sort outcomes. For example, Decision Quiz uses this tool to create custom reports based on how people sort cards relating to their current decision making situation.


We’ve built a custom web application to allow students and parents to register for classes online. The unique requirements for this client required a solution unlike any of the other ‘ready-made’ generic school registration systems. As an additional benefit, this tool works within the existing WordPress website framework: users can conduct class registration, scheduling, and online payment without ever leaving the website.

Custom Suitability

We can build a custom web application for any business that needs to interact with clients online. People are more comfortable with online tools – especially where they save time and there is an immediate response. Businesses like the efficiency that online tools provide, and that routine parts of their processes can be automated to make better use of staff time.

Web Rescue

Has your WordPress Website become unworkable? Has it been hacked? Or, perhaps it just isn’t working as it once did? We can help. Our web rescue services will update WordPress and all related themes and plugins, clean out malicious code, secure a website from future attacks, repair or replace out-of-date or broken bits of code. Often, we’ll pair a website rescue with our own managed hosting service which allows us to ensure the continued reliability and security of your site into the future.

Sparkjoy Managed Hosting

A compromised website can be a real problem. If only there were professionals who could help prevent this problem by managing your WordPress security and maintenance needs for you…

We provide managed hosting services for our clients, as well as new clients whose websites we have vetted. We can ensure trouble-free reliability for your site, letting you focus on your awesome content.

Our managed WordPress hosting services have several unique qualities compared to generic web hosting, such as:

  • Our WordPress hosting infrastructure is located in Vancouver, BC, and all data is kept in Canada.
  • We perform regular maintenance and updates of WordPress core, plugins, and template frameworks.
  • We monitor and ensure server performance, security, and review access logs to block malicious traffic.
  • We quickly fix any problems with the way your website works that may arise as a result of updates.

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Technical Support

Do you have a site that has become unworkable and don’t know what to do? Are you a someone who relies on premium themes and plugins and needs a little assistance getting your site to the next level?  We can help.

We happily collaborate with people who could use some help to get an existing website functioning exactly how they envision. Think “heavy lifting on demand”. If you have a site, and struggle with parts, or don’t quite know how to get it functioning the way you need, contact us. We have over a decade of experience developing WordPress and have seen it all.