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So, you’d like to have your own website…

You have this thing that you’re really passionate about. Maybe you’re a realtor or a doctor; or you’re making some really cool art; or running a B&B; or writing short stories, or making movies; or even just blogging because you have things you want to say to the world. What better way to put yourself… Read more »

Managed web hosting: worth its weight in gold

You’ve seen them, those splashy ads blinking away at you on your monitor with things like: “Sign up for web hosting with us! Do it now and you pay only $10 a month – and you get the first six months free!” in bold neon colours. Doesn’t that sound like the most fantastic deal? Super… Read more »

Site Statistics – what your visitors are up to

We all like to look at our site statistics: Who’s visiting our site? How often? Where are they from? What sort of search terms are they using to find us? How many people visited us last Wednesday? Sparkjoy has just made it even easier for you to look at all of that information in one… Read more »