Managed web hosting: worth its weight in gold

You’ve seen them, those splashy ads blinking away at you on your monitor with things like: “Sign up for web hosting with us! Do it now and you pay only $10 a month – and you get the first six months free!” in bold neon colours. Doesn’t that sound like the most fantastic deal? Super cheap web hosting that will barely make a dent in your morning coffee-and-a-muffin fund – how could you say no?

Well, before you say yes, we’d ask you to consider the following: most web hosting companies offer web hosting and not much else. Sure, you’ll have assurances of optimal speeds, reliable server uptime, and some reasonable level of security but that still just adds up to renting a bit of space on their server, and all they take care of is keeping their hardware running smoothly – it’s service at its most basic.

We believe in a much more robust and full-service approach: managed hosting. We’ll still take care to keep the hardware running as smoothly as possible – optimal speeds, reliable server uptime, and security are important – but we’ll also take care of your actual site, too:

  • WordPress updates so that you’re always running the latest version.
  • Website tweaks and changes as needed or desired.
  • An extra layer of monitored security to keep malicious attacks from spammers and their ilk at bay.
  • Site backup and restoration – sometimes things go wrong, having a backup is crucial.
  • Technical support for hardware or software related issues.

With regular web hosting, your site problems are your site problems – and this leaves you in the position of having to find a web designer or programmer to fix the site, or a content and SEO specialist to tweak the content, or some other outside professional to help you. We think all those people, all those specialities, should be in one place – and with us, they are. One phone call or email for any problem is all it takes.

Our basic managed web hosting package starts at $20/month – most of our clients have this package. For clients whose sites will need a lot of managing – extensive site changes and assistance – we also offer monthly retainer packages starting at $100/month. We want to do more than just rent you some server space – we want to see you and your site really shine.

We admit it, it’ll bite into the morning coffee fund a little more than the other guys, but peace of mind has its own value – and we think that’s worth the price of even the best coffee.