Sparkjoy builds highly-customized WordPress-based websites and web applications for a wide range of clients, from local to international and from small to large. Our comprehensive suite of tailored services will ensure your site continues to serve your needs.

We collaborate to imagine possibilities

Sparkjoy puts people and relationships first. As a result, we are able to conceptualize and create elegant web-based solutions that make our clients’ lives easier. Our work may be simple, like a website that displays content in a clever way. Or it may be complex, like a web application used to manage the operational requirements of several departments in an institution.

We build thoughtful systems

We use Open Source tools and our own code to turn what we’ve imagined into reality. We use WordPress exclusively as a Content Management System (CMS), but it’s only a platform — what we build is highly customized and may use WordPress only as an interface for clients to edit their content. Learn more about how and why we use WordPress.

Work with us

If you like our approach, please get in touch. We’re easy to talk to, we listen, we advise, and we follow through. We look forward to hearing from you.