Our Client Portal Services.

Client Portal

We have developed our own platform for building custom client portals.

We specialize in creating and developing client portals with Pantegral — a web platform that enables businesses to interact with their clients and run their operations online. We have developed our own tools and techniques for these kinds of projects, using modular components and real-time data processing to create a captivating experience. With Pantegral, we can deliver a smooth, seamless experience for your portal users that also saves you time and money on administration.

Pantegral also offers several features that enhance your portal, such as planning and tracking tools, recording and reporting tools, and communications tools – all with a high level of privacy and security. All portals are responsive and customizable to match your brand identity.

Take a look at some of our Pantegral projects for Anxiety Canada, Nature-Based Infrastructure, Crafted Vancouver, Laid Back Snacks, and Compendia.


We help you illustrate your client process flow and translate that to a number of modular components that can be highly customized.

Our framework is dynamic, extensible, and highly customizable so that it can be readily applied to any expert domain.

We provide tools to secure the exchange of confidential information and the way it is stored in a data repository.

We help you stay on top of project management, planning, tracking goals, note taking, communications, and more - all in one place.