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the project

We’ve been working with Anxiety Canada, a national mental health charity, for a couple of years. Initially, they came to us for technical assistance with their previous site, and the relationship grew, which evolved into Sparkjoy redesigning and rebuilding their site to what you see today.

The scope of this project was quite large as Anxiety Canada has a few thousand pages of content across three different websites – The Main site, the My Anxiety Plan site and the Fundraising site. We designed a new look and feel, a new information architecture to organize the content, and custom features. Some features include:

– Multilanguage Features

– Donation payments and integration with Donor Perfect

– Learning Management System

– Custom campaign builder portal based on the Pantegral platform

– Unique user accounts and credentials

– Advanced live filtering

My Anxiety Plan (MAPs)

My Anxiety Plan (MAP) is an anxiety management program based on cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), an evidence-based psychological treatment. MAPs for Children and Teens, Adults, and Educators are easy to navigate and helpful for those with mild to moderate anxiety. We redesigned this online training platform to allow people to easily earn a certificate and to train other educators to deliver courses.


The Anxiety Canada Fundraising Challenge is a fun way to raise money by challenging your family, friends and colleagues to donate to our mission.

Sparkjoy built this online fundraising platform based on a custom Pantegral client portal which any member of the general public can use to create their own personal fundraising campaign. This includes interactive tools to help them set up their campaign and a set of tools to allow admins to manage and curate these campaigns. There is also a team functionality which allows people to join together and fundraise as a group for anxiety. There is also a competitive side where people can see their progress on the leaderboard and can engage in friendly competition by sharing their campaigns to raise funds.

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