the project

Crafted Vancouver is an annual festival (currently on hiatus due to Covid-19) that presents outstanding Canadian and International craftsmanship and creativity through a curated program of events. The website helps build a bridge between skilled craftspeople, designers, the dedicated collectors and a discerning consumer market.

Sparkjoy built and manages the Crafted Vancouver website and we also built a unique portal for the festival curators to collaborate with artists who want to take part in the festival and events.

We built the project based on the Pantegral client portal platform to manage the stages of an application. This interactive portal allows curators to get to know the artists and their work to ensure a good fit for Crafted. The increased interaction helps the administrators provide guidance to maximize the value and exposure the artists achieve through their participation in the festival.

Some of the portal features include:

– Collection of the artist’s information and media to ensure quality and completeness.

– Artists can set which events they want to take part in and also create their own events within the Crafted festival.

– Artists can set up and preview their dedicated bio page on the website.

– Administrators can review and leave notes on the portal to provide feedback and guidance to the artist through the application process.

– The portal serves as an administration tool to keep all the applications, communications and events organized.

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