Nature-Based Infrastructure Global Resource Centre

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The NBI Global Resource Centre works with its clients to establish a business case for Nature-Based Infrastructure (NBI). They provide data, training, and sector-specific valuations based on the latest innovations in systems thinking and financial modelling.

We collaborated with the team to build a fresh web design and build to showcase their various projects and resources. It was important to the client that the wide range of content could be filtered down by the visitor’s area of interest.

Sparkjoy also collaborated with NBI to codify their process of conducting a Nature-Based Infrastructure assessment with their international clients into a custom online Pantegral portal. This process involves significant effort to collect data and relevant technical and policy documents in a shared workspace. The experts at NBI use this portal to communicate with the clients and other stakeholders for a project and gather all of the information in a single repository that is accessible to all participants.

The portal is also useful as the NBI staff take this information and add it to their scientific and financial modelling software to create predictive outcomes based on a number of potential scenarios. These model outcomes are then added to the collaborative portal in the form of reports that their clients can use in their own internal decision-making process.

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