HeartSmart™ Learning

Project Categories: Content Management / Customer Relationship Management (CRM) / Interactive / Web Design /


The umbrella program, HeartSmart Learning, contains several programs aimed at educating children and youth on healthy lifestyle choices. Sparkjoy designed and built this website with a number of interactive tools.

HeartSmart Kids is a program for teachers and educators across Canada. Sparkjoy built the website to include online training and certifications for these educators to certify them in the training materials. Upon successful completion of the training module, the educators may order free books and resources for each of their students. The website processes these orders and arranges delivery of these requested books by mail to the classrooms.

Sparkjoy also built tools to make the website function as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The HS Kids administrators for each province can access their own list of educators to communicate and collaborate with them, as well as manage orders and engagement metrics.

HeartSmart™ Solve

HeartSmart Solve was an addition to the website aimed at youth to educate them on the risks of vaping through an interactive, mystery game. Sparkjoy built this sequencing game which the students use to collect evidence and solve the mystery of “What happened to Payton?”. Sparkjoy also added a number of tools to allow teachers to create their own classrooms, provide their students with unique access codes and see metrics about their class outcomes. Lastly, Sparkjoy also provided HS administrators with the ability to manage the platform and measure engagement goals.

Some advanced functionality includes:

  • Notifications are sent to the instructors once students have completed the experience and submitted their feedback survey
  • The instructors also fill out a feedback survey once their class has completed the experience.
  • Ability to do this course online, offline and as a hybrid model in conjunction with in-person workshops.
  • Library of downloadable resources to assist the teacher’s discussions with the class.