Corpus Christi College

Project Categories: Content Management / Integrated Network / Managed Maintenance and Support / Web Design /

the project

Corpus Christi College is a liberal arts school on the campus of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. We took care of management and hosting their old site, which grew the relationship into us redesigning and rebuilding their current website.

We did a lot of work on a new, dynamic navigation that would simplify the user experience. We helped collate information and condense it into a meta page concept with a dynamic sidebar of related subpages.

We spent time on the visual design with the intention to make it very traditional, clean and modern. We wanted the design to facilitate engagement with the content and not distract from it.

We also spent time designing the backend of the website for the administrators. We provided them with a Gutenberg model for the backend to give them full control over managing their content, layout and navigation of all their pages.