the project

We started working with Healthy Campus Alberta (HCA) several years ago. HCA provides training to mental health professionals working in all post-secondary institutions across Alberta. Their website is an online community of practice that includes information resources, events, forums and training webinars.

First, we worked on is to redesign the website’s look and feel. Not only was there a new visual design, but we also created a better way for people to access the resources on the site using a recommendation tool. We built an interactive tool to funnel the users coming to the site to the pools of information most relevant to their interests.

Secondly, we developed a new webinar platform that has a number of distinct stages over several weeks. One of the benefits is increased user interaction and feedback before, during and after the webinar sessions. It also creates a knowledge base that admins use to craft their policy and education documents as they elicit information from experts and participants in the webinars.