Vancouver Academy of Music

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Web-based education management system.

Founded in 1969, the Vancouver Academy of Music is the city’s premier centre of music education, serving aspiring musicians from early childhood to collegiate levels.

VAM offers a hands-on, personalized, student-focused approach to music education. As a result, they needed a system that could accommodate highly personalized one-on-one lessons and a customizable course curriculum that sets them apart as a school. They couldn’t find anything on the market that could address their needs.

Registrar Tools

At VAM, students don’t just sign up for pre-determined courses. Students register for their preferred courses and lessons, and then these requests go to a registrar who assembles classes and assigns students to them based on fit. The registrar may also evaluate students’ applications and make recommendations.

Sparkjoy built a school registration that allows VAM to dynamically create classes and lessons, and assign groups of students, to optimize individual student learning paths. Parents and students can buy blocks of lessons throughout the year and it all feeds into the automated system. Dynamic systems like this pose significant record-keeping challenges, but Sparkjoy’s tools simplify that complexity so the administration, students, parents and teachers can rely on the integrity of the data.

Faculty Payroll

Sparkjoy built a dashboard for teachers to see their class and lesson schedules. They can also use the dashboard to track all the classes and lessons taught, claiming it for payroll with the click of a button. The system removes the burden of manual reporting and the risk of human error.

For administrators, teachers’ payroll claims are sent to a dashboard that automatically counts them against the relevant budget and displays this in a dashboard. As a result, administrators are empowered with actionable at-a-glance data throughout the year.

Financial Reporting

Class registration, payroll, lessons, bursaries, donations, credits, and tax reconciliation. It’s a lot of information to manage. Sparkjoy’s system pulls in all of this information so the controller can report on operational status quarterly and at year-end.

Student Registration

Students log in and see the lessons/classes they can purchase. Once purchased, that item is fed into the registration system. The registrar can assign them to different instructors, place them in different classes, and give them personalized attention to optimize their learning experience. Parents can also log in and see their children’s schedules as well as see the number of lessons remaining and top up the payments as required.