Site Statistics – what your visitors are up to

We all like to look at our site statistics: Who’s visiting our site? How often? Where are they from? What sort of search terms are they using to find us? How many people visited us last Wednesday?

Sparkjoy has just made it even easier for you to look at all of that information in one place; simply log in to your site, and look for the Google Analytics Dashboard widget in your site’s Dashboard.

Your Dashboard is the first thing you see when you log in, and it looks something like this:

screenshot of WordPress Dashboard example

You may need to scroll down to find the Google Analytics widget, and it looks something like this:

screenshot of google analytics dashboard widget

For a more detailed explanation on how to use this widget, look at this tutorial.

Everything we can learn about how visitors find and use your site, helps us help you make your site even better. And the better your site is, the more visitors it will attract – how great is that? (Hint: it’s pretty great).

All the best,

Sparkjoy Studios