We Make Highly Personalized WordPress Websites

We’re your web connection — A team of people located in Vancouver known for building highly personalized and easy to use websites based on the WordPress platform.

Sparkjoy’s value is in our level of personalization:

  1. We’re easy to talk to. We listen and we advise. This means we can quickly understand your unique needs, recommend online strategies, and create a personalized web solutions suited to you.
  2. We’re skilled at using the latest web tools. Our technical know-how means we can custom build the website to fit your needs rather than bend your requirements to fit an existing ready-made solution.
  3. We do what we say. We believe reliability and personal integrity are the foundation of all business relationships. As a result, we don’t outsource our work — we have the in-house talent to build what we recommend, we actually do what we say, and to ensure we can continue to support you over the long term.

The bottom line is that our business and our products are all about personal interactions. You might say we are in the people business, one that happens to revolve around websites.

Some of the personalized solutions we offer:

Web Graphic Design
Custom WordPress Templates
Custom WordPress Plugins
Interactive Content
Planning & Consultation
Event Scheduling & Ticketing
Multisite Installations
Online Tools and Community Building
Writing and Editing Web Content
User Experience Design
Information Architecture
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Website Hosting & Maintenance

We believe that people should find our websites to be a joy to use; and therefore, we set the conditions to spark action and help build a relationship for our clients.

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